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 Matters needing attention

 Reminder  :Special places to play tips,Scenic spots in the peak of the hero station out of the carrying amount of not more than 30 people,Please pay attention to the personal safety of others.

Hiking tips:

1.The best time to climb the mountain each year in October to April the following year,It is best to avoid the rainy season in May September

2.HaiNan.Mount Qixian Climbing generally only the previous peak and the two peak,Mountain is not too high,The road is very easy,Most of the laying of the stone road

But the stone road and can not reach the top of the ridge,The top of the mountain is very steep.It would be a little difficult to reach the top.The top of the "road" is a period of tens of meters long cliff,Although the steep cliff,We have installed a two treaty half meter wide cable,We have installed a two treaty half meter wide cable,You can climb the mountain chain along the wall




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